Friday, March 7, 2008

Peace 12x16 Acrylic

For all the outpouring of care and support from so many during this time, words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to each and every one of you. I will reach you all individually, but until then, please accept my heartfelt Thank You at this time. A finer group of people I have never met. Daily Painters are simply the best.

I was just beginning to adjust to living in this big house by myself. Then. My brother called at 10pm 2 evenings ago to say his house was flooded. He lives along the banks of the Rock River in Illinois and found himself in the middle of a record flood. He waded out with a few clothes and the rest is a total loss. What a terrible winter! Now I am adjusting to living in this big house with my new roommate. My brother calls us a couple of old maids. I am at long last taking refuge in my art!
I did a smaller painting last year using this same photo as a reference. I wanted to paint it larger with a more finished quality. It is painted on Windberg Art Panel. Available on ebay.